Première interview de la Global Game Jam Strasbourg 2019 organisée au Shadok par Alsace Digitale, Epitech et le Game Dev Group Strasbourg : Groundhog House de la Team Indiana Hotel (étudiants de la Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR)).

Thème de la Global Game Jam 2019 : What home means to you

Description du jeu : “You are meeting someone in 5 minutes in your house where you were born and lived in. Your memories are mixing with feelings, anxiety tangles with nostalgia, making you see the place you always knew in a completely new way. Every circle you rediscover objects, they change because you change. Your house is yourself. You are walking in circles waiting for her to escape all these thoughts, but in reality, you have to find a way to escape from your personal memories and feelings. Groundhog house is an intimate monologue of longing.”

Pour jouer au jeu :

Global Game Jam Strasbourg 2019 – Team Indiana Hotel (Groundhog House)

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